Mission & Vision

The International Women’s and Children’s Health and Gender (InWomen’s) Group, Chaired by Dr. Wendee Wechsberg of RTI International, is a multidisciplinary forum addressing all aspects of substance use among women, children, and youth.   The InWomen’s Mission & Vision is to:

  • Share new and significant findings about the consequences of substance use, abuse, and risk behaviors
  • Identify and promote innovative research that helps to empower women across the lifespan
  • Foster gender-based analyses in research
  • Raise awareness about the need for sensitivity in research to family, culture, sexual orientation, and equity within an international context
  • Promote the benefits of prevention, intervention, and treatment
  • Forge new collaborations and develop research agendas
  • Update the annotated bibliography entitled Key Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Articles Focused on Women’s Issues from Around the World annually(http://tinyurl.com/InWAnnBibs). The current version contains over 700 references.
  • Maintain an active blog at https://inwomenhealth.wordpress.com/

The InWomen’s Group began meeting virtually and in person in 2007 and now consists of more than 200 members from over 40 countries worldwide. In 2008 and 2009, the InWomen’s network sponsored a series of symposia as part of the NIDA International Forum. Since 2010, InWomen’s has been hosting its own satellite conference at the College on Problems of Drug Dependence (CPDD) annual meeting (http://tinyurl.com/InWConfAgendas). In 2012, selected presenters from the 2011 conference were invited to contribute to a special section of the Journal of Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation (Vol. 3, Suppl. 1,  http://tinyurl.com/2012InWomenSuppl).


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