InWomen’s Conference is Happening Now!

The 10th Annual International Women’s and Children’s Health and Gender Group Conference is happening now at the Hotel Bonaventure in Montreal, Canada!

IMG_1087The conference kicked off with warm welcomes from Dr. Loretta Finnegan, CPDD Executive Officer, a video message from Dr. Claire Sterk, President of Emory University, and Conference Chair, Dr. Wendee Wechsberg.

Dr. Thema Bryant-Davis, licensed psychologist, ordained minister, professor at Pepperdine University, and sacred artist shared empowering words and poetry in the morning before the first panel session, stating, “eagles can carry a lot of weight, and like eagles, we need to live beyond our imagination.”

Speakers on Panel Session I: Prenatal Alcohol and Cannabis Use presented on the following:

  • Prenatal exposure to alcohol and child internalizing and externalizing problems
  • Prenatal cannabis exposure and the current state of the evidence
  • Prenatal cannabis exposure and child neurodevelopment

Attendees are currently gathered at topical discussion tables to discuss the latest research and next steps in the field before breaking for lunch and more poetic-sharing by Dr. Bryant-Davis.




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