Call for Submissions: InWomen’s Annotated Bibliography


Hotel Bonaventure
Montreal, Canada
June 16, 2017

New additions to the InWomen’s Annotated Bibliography will be promoted at the upcoming conference in Montreal, Canada on June 16, 2017.

It’s that time of year again! We are compiling a list of references with accompanying short summaries of seminal articles in the field of substance use related to women, children, youth, LGBT+ individuals, and gender differences around the world. Articles should have a treatment or prevention component. We are requesting that you submit any publications from your research or papers from outside your group published between May 2016-present that you think are going to have a significant impact on the field for inclusion in the 2017 Annotated Bibliography.  The Annotated Bibliography will be available year round, in Excel form. All submissions will be reviewed by InWomen’s prior to approval for inclusion.

Please submit articles here:

The submission process takes about a minute!

Register  for the InWomen’s Conference at


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