Junior Investigator Travel Award Program

 Accumulating evidence indicates that the antecedents, consequences, and mechanisms of drug abuse and dependence often differ in males and females and that sex/gender may be an important variable in treatment and prevention outcomes.  To foster research on women and sex/gender differences in all areas of drug abuse research, both human and animal, NIDA encourages the submission of abstracts on this topic for the 2017 annual meeting of CPDD in Montreal, Canada, June 17 – 22, 2017. Special NIDA travel awards of $1,000 will be available to 20 junior investigators whose CPDD abstract on women or sex/gender differences is accepted for a poster, oral session, or symposium.


  • Graduate and medical students, post-doctoral students, medical residents, and investigators who are no more than five years past the doctoral degree or residency are eligible.
  • Applicant MUST be first author on the CPDD abstract.
  • Minority investigators and male investigators are especially encouraged to apply.
  • Priority may be given to those who have not previously received this award or held an R01.
  • Federal employees are ineligible.

Electronic Application Procedures: Follow the CPDD instructions for abstract submission.  Then send an e-mail to Christie Espinoza at espinozac@nida.nih.govin the following format and with the required attachments:

  • E-mail subject line: CPDD 2017 Women & Sex/Gender Junior Investigator Travel Award Application
  •  Attach a copy of the abstract that you submitted to CPDD, including title and authors (In Word Format).
  • Attach your curriculum vitae (list all NIH grant support if applicable).  Please include your mailing address, telephone number and e-mail address (In Word Format).
  • Attach a cover letter stating (1) your eligibility, (2) your interest in continuing to pursue research on women and/or sex/gender differences, and (3) your career goals.

Deadline for applications: December 15, 2016

For additional information about this annual award, contact:

Dr. Cora Lee Wetherington – telephone 301-435-1319; wetherington@nih.gov


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