Discussion Table Suggested Readings: Growing the Field: Developing the Scientific, Clinical, and Educational Leaders of the Future

DSC05017Included below are suggested readings organized by relevant topics from the table co-chairs in preparation of the Growing the Field: Developing the Scientific, Clinical, and Educational Leaders of the Future discussion table that will be held from 16:15-17:30 on Friday, June 12, 2015 at the InWomen’s Conference.

  • Jones, H.E., et al. (2012). Maternal Opioid Treatment: Human Experimental Research (MOTHER)–approach, issues and lessons learned. Addiction, 107(Suppl 1):28-35
  •  Neufeld, K. J., et al. (2011). Alcohol medical scholars program – A mentorship program for improving medical education regarding substance use disorders. Substance Abuse, 32(3): 121-127
  •  Bramness, J. G., et al. (2011). Addiction Research Centres and the Nurturing of Creativity: The Norwegian Centre for Addiction Research (SERAF). Addiction, 106(8): 1381-1385
  •  Midmer, D., et al. (2011). Efficacy of a physicians’ pocket guide about prenatal substance use: A randomized trial. Substance Abuse, 32(4): 175-179
  •  Miles, M., et al. (2010). Challenges for midwives: Pregnant women and illicit drug use. Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing, 28(1): 83-90
  •  Jones H.E., et al. (2008). Treatment of opioid-dependent pregnant women: clinical and research issues. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment. 35(3):245-59
  •  Clancy, C., et al. (2007). Role development and career stages in addiction nursing: An exploratory study. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 57(2): 161-171
  •  Edmundson, E., et al. (2005). Characteristics of Academic Education Programs for Addictions Practitioners. Journal of Teaching in the Addictions, 3(2): 29-39
  •  Ritter, A., et al. (2004). Developing the drug and alcohol workforce: Our biggest challenge? Drug use in Australia: preventing harm. Oxford, Oxford University Press: 193-205
  • Redding, B. A. and C. S. Selleck (1999). Perinatal substance abuse education: A review of existing curricula. Substance Abuse, 20(1): 17-31
  • Kaltenbach K.A. and Finnegan L.P. (1992). Studies of prenatal drug exposure and environmental research issues: the benefits of integrating research within a treatment program. NIDA Research Monographs. 117:259-70

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