Discussion Table Suggested Readings

Included below are suggested readings organized by relevant topics from the table co-chairs in preparation of the Moving from Evidence-Based Interventions to Evidence-Informed Programming discussion table that will be held from 16:15-17:30 on Friday, June 12, 2015 at the InWomen’s Conference.

Previous InWomen's Conference attendees at a discussion table.

Previous InWomen’s Conference attendees at a discussion table.

Evidence-Based Studies with Women Who Use Substances and Are At-Risk for HIV:

  • Wechsberg, W. M., Browne, F. A., Middlesteadt Ellerson, R., & Zule, W. A. (2010). Adapting the Evidence-based Women’s CoOp HIV Prevention Intervention in North Carolina and International Settings. North Carolina Medical Journal, 71(5), 477-481.

Evidence-Based Studies with Pregnant Smokers:

  • Heil, S. H., Higgins, S. T., Bernstein, I. M., Solomon, L. J., Rogers, R. E., Thomas, C. S., Lynch, M. E. (2008). Effects of voucher-based incentives on abstinence from cigarette smoking and fetal growth among pregnant women. Addiction, 103(6), 1009-1018.

Evidence-Based for Pregnant Substance-Using Women:

  • Taillac, C., Goler, N., Armstrong, M. A., Haley, K., & Osejo, V. (2007). Early Start: An Integrated Model of Substance Abuse Intervention for Pregnant Women. The Permanente Journal, 11(3), 5–11.
  • Spoth, R. L., & Greenberg, M. T. (2005). Toward a Comprehensive Strategy for Effective Practitioner–Scientist Partnerships and Larger-Scale Community Health and Well-Being. American Journal of Community Psychology, 35(3-4), 107–126.

Tools to Help Strategize:

  • Sorensen, J. L., & Kosten, T. (2011). Developing the tools of implementation science in substance use disorders treatment: applications of the consolidated framework for implementation research. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, 25(2), 262.
  • Gorman-Smith, D. (2006). How to Successfully Implement Evidence-Based Social Programs: A Brief Overview for Policymakers and Program Providers. Practice, 10, 278-290.

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