Speaker Introduction: Dr. Carolyn Day

photo 2014Dr. Carolyn Day, PhD, is an Associate Professor in Addiction Medicine at the University of Sydney. She is a public health researcher with expertise in illicit drug use and a particular interest in women. She is Vice President of the Alcohol and Drug Foundation of NSW which operates a drug and alcohol residential treatment service catering exclusively for women and their children. Her recent work has focused on integrated care and service delivery for people who inject drugs, including services specifically aimed at women, and she is a co-investigator on the Contraception in Opioid Substitution Treatment trial currently being piloted. Assistant Professor Day has more than 90 peer reviewed publications.

Dr. Day will be presenting in the 8th Annual InWomen’s Conference on Friday June 12,2015 at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. The title of her talk is: A pilot study of integrating reproductive health services into drug and alcohol clinics in Australia.

Listed below are key readings that are recommended as background reading in preparation for hearing this talk.

Fowler, C., Reid, S., Minnis, J., Day, C. (2014). Experiences of mothers with substance dependence: Informing the development of parenting support. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 23(19-20), 2835-2843.

Haber, P. S., & Day, C. A. (2014). Overview of substance use and treatment from Australia. Substance Abuse, 35(3), 304-308.

You can see the entire conference agenda here.


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