NIDA to Provide Travel Awards to Junior Investigators Conducting Research Focused on Women and Sex/Gender Differences in Drug Abuse

This announcement is an alert about the NIDA Gender travel award. We are announcing it as a courtesy to let you know it is available. There are three separate abstract submissions for the upcoming conferences in June 2015 in Phoenix Arizona, USA: one each for NIDA International, NIDA Gender, and InWomen. We (InWomen) have NOTHING to do with the acceptance and review of the other abstracts. You will need to submit your abstract to those conferences in separate systems.

The InWomen travel award competition will be announced shortly. It is permissible to submit the SAME abstract to InWomen that you submit to the other two conferences. The InWomen travel awards will be between $500 and $1000 depending on geographical origin and include free registration to the InWomen meeting. If you accept the award, you must present your poster in person and attend our InWomen conference on Friday June 12, 2015. More details will be released on this blog in the first week of December 2014.

 NIDA Travel Awards

NIDA’s annual meeting of the College on Problems of Drug Dependence, although different from the InWomen’s conference, will be held at the same location in Phoenix, Arizona in June 2015. NIDA plans to provide travel awards for $750 each to 27 junior investigators who will present their research on the role of female sex or sex/gender differences in drug abuse.

Applications are due by December 5, 2014

If you are interested in more information please visit:


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