Learn about the 2013 InWomen Travel Award Winners

This year we have seven travel award winners. They will present their posters during the 2:30 – 3:30 poster session in Sapphire Room D on Friday June 14, 2013 during the break. Please join us in congratulating them on winning the travel award. More information on some of the award winners is provided below, and we hope to have more information before the start of the conference on the remaining awardees.

Image  Melissa H. Abadi, Ph.D. I am an associate research scientist at the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, Louisville, Kentucky Center. My research focuses on assessing the effects of substance use and related behaviors among underserved and at-risk populations, including women and children in underdeveloped and developing countries. Specifically, my research focuses on how factors such as cultural norms, situational context, poverty, gender, and risk and protective factors influence substance use behavior and related consequences, and the rigorous evaluation of existing and new efforts to prevent, delay, or treat these behaviors. One of my recent projects assessed how culture, gender, and ethnicity impacts substance abuse treatment outcomes among Afghans as well as the extent of human rights violations and mental health factors present among women in drug abuse treatment in Afghanistan. I am also currently working on evaluating prevention and treatment efforts among youth in Sao Paulo, Brazil, including those in poor, high-risk neighborhoods as well as those who have entered juvenile detention centers. I am excited about attending the InWomen’s Conference to learn from and collaborate with others engaged in this important research focusing on the effects of substance use on women and children and the impact of interventions aimed at addressing these issues. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss current findings, lessons learned in the field, international agendas, and potential opportunities for collaboration.

Image  Octavio Campollo, MD, PhD  I have practiced and conducted research on alcoholic liver disease and viral hepatitis for the last 15 years. More recently, I started working investigating the epidemiology of drug addiction and prevention in youth, specifically on the epidemiology and treatment of tobacco use in pregnant women and investigations of viral hepatitis and HIV in drug addicts.  I earned my Medical Degree from Universidad La Salle, Mexico City, in 1978 and completed a PhD in liver diseases at the Royal Free Hospital, University of London, in 1989.  I completed a Post Doctorate in Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences at Johns Hopkins University.  During my career, I have been awarded with several honors including a scholarship from DGAPA-UNAM (Mexico), an ORS Award (UK), a CB Smith Grant from the University of Texas and the Mision Mexico-Canada, and a DISCA NIDA Award. Currently, I am the editor of the Journal Anuario de investigación en adicciones and teach Research Methodology of Clinical Trials and Mathematics in Medicine at the University of Guadalajara Medical School. In 2007, I was given the opportunity to lecture internationally at the University of Toronto, Summer Institute, Center of Addiction and Mental health (CAMH). I have been a member of the National Hispanic Scientific Network on Drug Abuse (NHSN) since 2004 and have participated in several NIDA International Forums, as well as, NHSN meetings since then. I founded the Center of Studies on Alcohol and Addictions at the University of Guadalajara, Mexico, and opened the Smoking Cessation Clinic at the Civil Hospital of Guadalajara. During my career, I have published over 20 articles in international journals and over 30 articles in Mexican journals. I am interested in attending and joining the InWomen Group because my work on tobacco exposure in pregnant women, overlaps with that of several other researchers.  I look forward to learning and sharing experiences with other like-minded researchers and specialists in the field of female substance use.  

Image  Janet Olajumoke Odeyemi, PhD  My current work focuses on the factors responsible for the scourge of teenage pregnancy and its implications for educational planning strategies on teen girls in Lagos, Nigeria. Despite government efforts to eradicate homelessness and destitution, some communities still remain destitute prone which has resulted in a scourge of teen pregnancies. More worrisome are recent revelations that these pregnancies are owned by high-risk sexual relations (e.g., public offenders, low-income, drug addicts, etc.) I will present and discuss how we engaged these teen girls in sustainable economic development ventures, with a respondent sample of 80 women. Inferential statistics were used to analyse the data collected.  Positive relationship was found between familial variables and risk behaviour among the girls. Also extra-familial variables contribute immensely to teen girls at risk behaviour. This questions the issue and implication for digital empowerment of such teen girls which will among other things promote healthy behavioural choices for them.

With a backpack of new stimulating ideas I hope to garner from the conference, I will be able to improve my skills and develop insight into the dynamic world of social justice and its scope to create access and empowerment for the underprivileged women and children’s health issues. My love of networking will help make new connections that will be useful for the development of my career in my field of research both in my country and within the African region. Furthermore my attendance will offer me opportunities for professional exchange and reflective practice.  It will expose me to current best practices, future horizons and technological advances in the field of gender studies.



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