2013 InWomen Conference Poster Session Titles


The poster session for the International Women’s and Children’s Health and Gender conference will be from 2:30-3:30 PM on Friday June 14, 2013 at the Hilton Bayfront Hotel, Sapphire Room. A list of the posters, by subject, is provided below.  To register to attend the conference, please go to this link: http://www.regonline.com/Register/Checkin.aspx?EventID=1194309

You can see the entire conference agenda here:



1.      Effectiveness of the Newly Developed Home Use Strengthening Families Program DVD 8-16 Years Version by Gender Analysis in Outcomes for Boys and Girls Sheetal Kanse, Karol Kumpfer and Jing Xie
2.      Perceived Risk and Risk Reduction in Asian Families Participating in Strengthening Families Program: A Cross-Cultural and Gender Analysis Jing Xie, Catia Magalhães and Karol Kumpfer
3.      Secondhand Smoke Exposure among Working Women in a Developing Country-a Jordanian Case. Linda Haddad, Nesrin Abu Baker, Omar El-Shahawy, Nahla Al-Ali, Tamadur Shudayfat
4.      Preventing Drug Abuse among Adolescent Girls: Outcome Data from an Internet-Based Intervention Traci M. Schwinn, Steven P. Schinke, Suganthi Kandasamy, and Hillary Hursh
5.      A Web-Based, Health Promotion Program for Adolescent Girls and Their Mothers Who Reside in Public Housing Traci Schwinn, Steven Schinke, Suganthi Kandasamy, and Hilary Hursh
6.      Women’s Variable Entry Pathways Into and Perceptions of Mandated Drug Treatment Roseanna W Shaw, and Edward J Cumella
7.      The Importance of Gender and Culture in Drug Abuse Treatment in Afghanistan MA Abad, SR Shamblen, M Courser, KW Johnson, L Young, K Thompson, and T Browne
8.      Mortality Rates and Causes of Death among Asian American and Pacific Islander Patients in Drug Abuse Treatment Y Han and Y Hser
9.      Healthcare Service Utilization among Women in the Methadone Maintenance Treatment Program in Taiwan Lien YT, Yeh HH, and Chen CY
Health Disparities
10.   Stimulant-Dependent Women are Uniquely Vulnerable to Implicit Learning Deficits E.M. Martin, R. Gonzalez, G Basch, and J Vassileva
11.   The Attributional Style of Women Nneka OS Nnadozie, Marissa Glivings and Twylla Abrahamson
12.   Differences in Smoking Outcome Expectancies among Caucasian versus African-American Women Smokers Amy L Copeland, Diana W Stewart, Claire E Adams, MacKenzie R Peltier, and Paula J Geiselman
13.   Sex/Gender Differences and the Impact of Risk Factors and Psychosocial Functioning on the Time to Re-Arrest among Offenders Treated for Substance Use Yang Yang, Kevin Knight, George W Joe, Grace Rowan-Szal, Wayne Lehman, and Patrick M Flynn
14.   5-HTTLPR Genotype, Gender and Ecstasy Use Interact to Predict Verbal Memory in Adolescent and Emerging Adults Natasha E Wright, Skyler G Shollenbarger, and Krista M Lisdahl
15.   Toward an Understanding of Russian-Speaking Female Drug Use in Israel Israelowitz, R, Reznik, A, and Lawental, M
Pregnancy and Prenatal Issues
16.   Antenatal Parenting Risk Assessment in Women with Substance Use Disorders Perry NL, Dunlop AJ, and Newman LK
17.   Favorable Outcomes In Newborns Prenatally-Exposed To Buprenorphine Compared To Methadone and Slow-Release Oral Morphine Verena Metz, Sandra D Comer, and Gabriele Fischer
18.   Educational Planning Strategies for the Digital Empowerment for Teen Girls with at Risk Behaviors in Lagos Communities.  Janet Odeyemi Olajumoke
19.   Racial Differences in Women’s Alcohol Consumption Assessed from Pregnancy through 22 Years Postpartum Minhnoi C Wroble Biglana, Marie D Cornelius, and Nancy L Day
20.   Screening and Brief Interventions for Alcohol and Other Drug Use among Pregnant Women Attending Midwife Obstetric Units: Views of Healthcare Professionals P Petersen Williams, K Sorsdahl, Z Petersen, C Mathews, and CDH Parry
21.   Substance Use during Pregnancy Among Women Attending Midwife Obstetric Units in Cape Metropole, South Africa P Petersen, Williams, E Jordaan, C Mathews, and CDH Parry
22.   Smoking Prevalence and Exposure to Secondhand Smoke During Pregnancy in Mexican Women O Campollo, Hernandez Mora F, Angulo E, Guzman A, Navarro I, García M, and Munguía A
Mental Health
23.   Correlates of Depression among Latino Women Living in Farmworker Communities Martha Zapata Roblyer, Joseph, G Grzywacz, Cynthia Suerken,  Grisel Trejo, Wei Lang, Thomas A Arcury, and Sara A Quandt
24.   History of Abuse and Depression Symptoms among Injection Drug-Using Female Sex Workers in Mexico MD Ulibarri, SP Hiller, R Lozada, MG Rangel,  JK Stockman,  JG Silverman, and VD Ojeda
25.   Sex Trading, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Problems among Indigent HIV-Positive Women: Implications for HIV Treatment, Adherence, and Diversion Maria A Levi Minzi, Hilary L Surratt, Steven and P Kurtz
26.   Impact of Posttraumatic Growth on Change in Substance Use Behaviors over Time among High‐Risk Youth TE Arpawong, LA Rohrbach, JE Milam,  P Sun, H Land, JB Unger,  and S Sussman
27.   Gender Differences in the Relationship between Alcohol Use and Psychiatric Morbidity among Undergraduates in South Western Nigeria Abayomi Olukayode and  Adelufosi Adegoke
28.   Evaluation of Psychological Family Health Disorders with Regards To Female Alcoholism and its Therapy in Chernihiv (Ukraine) Anna Romanova
Relationships, Interpersonal Violence and Intersecting Risks
29.   Men’s Substance Use and Cultural Norms Can Affect Women’s HIV Risk Andrea Emanuel, Tara Carney, Elizabeth Reed, Bronwyn Myers, and Wendee M Wechsberg
30.   Intimate Violence Partner (IVP), Alcohol and Drugs in Uruguay R  Magri
31.   Relationship Violence, Substance Use, and Attachment Relationships among Native American Mothers and Daughters J Green
32.   Adverse Childhood Experiences: Native American Mother-Daughter Relationships, Partner Violence, and Substance Use J Green
33.   Developing and Testing a Group Intervention to Reduce Intimate Partner Violence among Female Drug Users: Results From a Pilot Randomized Control Trial Judit Tirado, Gail Gilchrist, Eva Lligoña, and Marta Torrens
34.   Intimate Relationship Dynamics Involved in Drug Abuse and Cessation Efforts among Female Sex Workers and Their Non-Commercial Male Partners in Two Mexico-U.S. Border Cities Maria Luisa Rolon, Jennifer Syvertsen, Angela M Robertson, Daniel Hernandez; Nabila El-Bassel; Gustavo Martinez, Gudelia Rangel, Steffanie A Strathdee
35.   Dyadic Satisfaction and Relationship Conflict among Drug-Using Women Grace L Reynolds, Kristen L Hess, and Dennis G Fisher
36.   Female Primary Relationship Partners and HIV Risk among Drug-Using WSWM of Color Sel J Hwahng, and Danielle Ompad


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